Portable Tube Sealer

Ideal for camps and Apheresis collections
Purely hermetic and snap apart seals
Ergonomically designed sealing gun, No warm-up time required
RF frequency: 40.68 MHz
Maximum diameter of the tube that can be sealed: 5mm
Sealing time: <1.5 sec controlled by microcontroller
RF cable length: 2.44m
No. Of seals: >1000 seals for a fully charged battery(under test condition)
Power supply: Ni-MH battery pack 12V, 4.5Ah
Operation: Intermittent operation
Battery charging time:3 hrs
Weight: Base power unit:2100gms, Sealing head: 230gms
CE mark, China RoHS, EURoHS, ISO 9001:2008,EN ISO 13485:2012